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  1. 2013.01.18 Seoul tour Seonyudo

Seoul tour Seonyudo


Yanghwa Bridge is located in the middle of Seonyudo Park ecological park environmental regeneration recycling water treatment plant building structures of the past, the composition for the first time in Korea, and
"Park" of the water (水)

Seoul tourSeoul tour
Seonyudo 114,000 of land one in harmony with the existing building water igniters, Aquatic Botanical Garden, the environment, water playground, a variety of aquatic plants and ecological forest
Chapter provides ecological education and the experience of nature, and you can enjoy various garden gigwanwa hours of play and relaxation area and Seonyudo's


Seoul tour2Seoul tour2







When you come to the subway
- Seonyudo Line 9 Station and get off at twice take exit 7-minute walk (about 700m)
Line 9: Get off at Dangsan Exit 13 (approximately 100m) → General Bus 5714 After boarding off Seonyudo Park main entrance
Exit 1 - Line 2: get off Dangsan (approximately 100m) → General Bus 760, 5714 After boarding off Seonyudo Park main entrance
2,6: to get off line Hapjeong Exit 5 (approximately 20m) regular buses 603, 760, 5714, 7612 After boarding off Seonyudo Park main entrance

Seoul tour Seonyudo

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